Dark Light

I knew my little buck was going to be a cover boy, but wow … actually seeing him on the cover knocked my socks off! And I wear boots, so that’s not easy! LOL!!! It even came complete with the full write up I sent … I was expecting Terry would have edited it, but to my surprise, he ran the whole story! This little guy is the culmination of my dream mount of “My Little Buck” … and I share this with Research Mannikins and Bill Lancaster – who sculpted the headform; earliners from Gene Smith; Roostin’ Ridge for building the pedestal; the “Dawson Fir Tree” from Autograph Foliages, and the beautiful little splash of color … the Cardinal, carved by Artist Michael A. Beaver of Gallipolis, Ohio; and last but not least, my wife Cheryl, who inspired me to complete the re-birth of my dream. All in all, this was a project of the heart, as well as the hands.

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